Ukraine 2022 – Chronologie – 12/03/2022

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Forces russes

Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry

▪️ Units of the People’s Militia of the Donetsk Republic, with the fire support of the Russian Armed Forces, took control of Valerianovka, Zeleny Gai and blocked Novoandreevka from the south and east. The advance was 9 kilometers.

▪️ The grouping of troops of the Lugansk People’s Republic, continuing offensive operations, took control of Surovtsevka, Schedrischevo, Zhitlovka and blocked Rubezhnoe. The advance was 6 kilometers.

▪️ The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, continuing the offensive on a broad front, reached Novodonetskoe, Novomayorskoe and Pavlovka. The advance was 21 kilometers.

▪️ On the morning of March 12, high-precision long-range weapons attacked Ukraine’s military infrastructure.

💥 The military airfield in Vasylkov and the Main Centre of Radio and Electronic Intelligence of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Brovory have been disabled.

💥 During the day, Russian aviation and military air defence shot down 5 unmanned aerial vehicles, including 2 Bayraktar TB-2 and 1 Tochka-U tactical missile.

💥 Operational-tactical and army aviation hit 145 military assets of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

💥 Including: 3 anti-aircraft missile systems, 8 command posts and communication centres, 5 ammunition and fuel depots, 78 areas of military equipment concentration.

▪️💥 In total, during the operation, 3,491 objects of the military infrastructure of Ukraine were disabled.

💥 Destroyed: 123 unmanned aerial vehicles, 1,127 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 115 multiple launch rocket systems, 423 field artillery guns and mortars, 934 units of special military vehicles.

Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry (soir)

▪️ The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, continuing the offensive on a broad front, took control of Novoandreevka, Kirillovka and reached Novomayorskoye – Pavlovka – Nikolskoye – Vladimirovka – Blagodatnoye line. The advance was 12 kilometers.

▪️ The grouping of troops of the Lugansk People’s Republic took control of Molodezhnoye, Vozgorye and captured the southern and central parts of Popasnaya. Advance detachments of the Lugansk People’s Militia reached the outskirts of Severodonetsk.

▪️💥 During the day, aviation and air defence of the Russian Aerospace Forces shot down 1 Mi-24 helicopter of the Ukrainian Air Force and 3 unmanned aerial vehicles, including 1 Bayraktar TB-2.

💥 Operational-tactical, army and unmanned aviation hit 79 military infrastructure assets of Ukraine, including: 4 command posts and communication centres, 2 anti-aircraft missile systems, 3 MLRS, 1 electronic warfare station, 6 ammunition and fuel depots and 54 areas of military equipment concentration.

▪️💥 In total, during the operation, 3,593 objects of the military infrastructure of Ukraine were disabled.

💥 Destroyed: 61 helicopters, 126 unmanned aerial vehicles, 1,159 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 118 multiple launch rocket systems, 436 field artillery guns and mortars, 973 units of special military vehicles.

Meeting of the Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response in Ukraine

▪️ Unfortunately, the humanitarian situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate rapidly, and in some cities it is catastrophic.

▪️ Armed formations of nationalists are mining residential areas, destroying bridges and roads, destroying life support facilities.

As a result of these criminal and treacherous actions of the Ukrainian authorities, primarily in relation to their own people, the civilian population is forced to survive in inhumane conditions: without heat, electricity, water supply, food and medication. People are on the verge of despair, and official Kiev, knowing the true state of affairs on “earth”, continues cynically, through the Ukrainian media, to claim that these are the results of actions of the Russian Armed Forces, while all these outrages – mining, explosions, equipment of firing points in residential areas, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, are happening in front of witnesses who will sooner or later tell the world the whole truth about this tragedy.

In this lie, the Kiev authorities force people to stay around the clock.
The most difficult humanitarian situation has developed in Mariupol. Hundreds of thousands of people, including foreigners, are forcibly detained by nationalists who, threatening physical violence, stop any attempts to leave the city.

▪️ Today from 10 a.m. the Russian Federation has already provided humanitarian corridors for the eighth time in Kiev, Chernigov, Sumy, Kharkov and Mariupol directions, along one humanitarian corridor to the Russian Federation, and one more through the territories controlled by the Kiev authorities towards the western borders of Ukraine.

Of the ten routes we proposed, the Ukrainian side added one more – in Zhytomyr direction. At the same time, not a single humanitarian corridor to the Russian Federation has been officially confirmed by Kiev again, which once again proves the indifference of the current government to its own people.

▪️ Official Kiev, as before, continues to insists that there are no civilians and foreign citizens who want to go to the territory of the Russian Federation. But the daily increase in the number of appeals received through various communication channels from citizens of Ukraine, as well as foreigners with requests for evacuation, suggests the opposite. Only over the past day, 19,963 such appeals were recorded, and there are already 2,638,989 of them with specific surnames and addresses from almost 2,000 settlements in Ukraine.

After we started releasing these statistics to the public, we reliably established that the Security Service of Ukraine units received instructions to detect all calls around the clock, conduct mass total inspections, detentions and arrests, searches and interrogations. People are constantly forced to make excuses for their desire to receive protection in Russia.

We are now forced to instruct all those who contact us to immediately destroy all possible contacts, outgoing calls and messages that may allow even the slightest suspicion of them in communication with our coordination headquarters, as well as other organizations and departments of the Russian Federation.

Here is one of today’s appeals: “I ask you to save my sister with two young children. They are located in Kiev. The route of the humanitarian corridor Kiev – Chernobyl is unsafe. The militants do not let them go. Chats with my sister in messengers and information about the provided corridors are blocked by the Ukrainian special services. My sister does not want to travel to the West of Ukraine and further to Poland and receive refugee status. Please help me.” I consider comments here superfluous.

▪️ And at the same time, representatives of the Western, so-called “civilized world”, continue to deny the existence of neo-Nazism in Ukraine. But objective facts show a completely different picture.

▪️ The current government deliberately and criminally legalized the uncontrolled and unpunished use of firearms by citizens on the territory of Ukraine, actually issuing “licenses for murder” in quotation marks, which has already led to countless facts of looting, robbery, banditry and the death of civilians.

We are forced to state that the law enforcement and judicial systems of Ukraine are paralyzed and no longer perform their functions. Pre-trial investigations with the participation of competent authorities are not carried out, the courts have ceased their activities, and sentences are passed by those who have weapons in their hands.

Local police officers are afraid to conduct paperwork on any criminal offenses and administrative offenses, as they have actually become “targets” for thousands of bandits released by the official Kiev authorities from places of detention.

This is happening right now.
Today in Mariupol, armed gangs of neo-Nazis staged another so-called “looting raid” on residential buildings, during which, under threat of physical violence, they took the last food, clothing and valuables from civilians, and those who showed the slightest resistance were shot on the spot.

Despite the full compliance of the ceasefire by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian side continues to cynically violate the agreements reached on the opening of humanitarian corridors towards Russia. Notification of the population in Kiev, Chernigov, Kharkov, Sumy and Mariupol cities was simply not carried out.

At the same time, in Mariupol, the nationalists not only did not stop shooting, but from 9:30 a.m. today, by means of objective control, including the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, an increase in its intensity was recorded in the direction of humanitarian corridors.
Only individual citizens manage to escape from the blocked settlements by private cars.

Also, we have reliably established today that neo-Nazis detained all civilians, about 450 people who tried to travel north from the Sumy region through Sudzha city to Kursk region of the Russian Federation, personal cars were seized, and civilians were simply sent in the opposite direction.

▪️ Despite this, 9,787 people, including 1,738 children, were evacuated from the dangerous zones of various regions of Ukraine, as well as the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics, during the day without the participation of the Ukrainian side, and more than 231,000 people have been evacuated since the beginning of the special military operation, 51,996 of them children. The state border of the Russian Federation was crossed by 24,168 vehicles, of which 915 per day.

▪️ In addition, today, thanks to the unprecedented security measures taken by the Russian Armed Forces, it was possible to provide humanitarian corridors and evacuate 8,730 citizens traveling by buses and private cars in Poltava direction.

At the same time, it should be noted that the local authorities did not take any attempts to organize these columns. Desperate people themselves gathered in groups, but realizing the impossibility of the nationalists blocking the exits towards Russia, they were forced to leave in any possible directions.

▪️ Currently, a humanitarian operation is being completed to evacuate 130 foreign citizens in Kherson direction. They are delivered through the Crimea to Novorossiysk for subsequent departure to their homeland.

Metropolitan Luka of Zaporizhia and Melitopol addressed the leadership of the Russian Federation yesterday, announcing his readiness to take out part of the civilian population and foreign citizens out of Mariupol on 50 buses. The formations of the Donetsk People’s Republic planned an evacuation operation, but despite the agreements with the commanders of territorial defence battalions, according to the cleric, the intense shelling of the humanitarian convoy from small arms and mortars by the nationalists disrupted this next opportunity for civilians to escape from the city controlled by the militants.

Today, all our attempts through official Kiev to force the militants in Mariupol to let a convoy of buses pass for the civilian population also failed.

▪️ More than 6,900 citizens from 16 foreign countries, as well as the crews of more than 50 foreign vessels that are blocked in seaports due to the high mine danger created by Ukraine, in violation of international humanitarian law, in Azov and Black Seas, continue to be held hostage by Ukrainian neo-Nazis as a “human shield”. We are talking about citizens of Azerbaijan, Greece, Georgia, Egypt, India, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, the Philippines, Jamaica and a number of other countries.

The fate of these foreign citizens has been the subject of round-the-clock cooperation with representatives of the relevant diplomatic agencies.
At the same time, the Russian side is creating the necessary conditions for a peaceful and safe life in all the liberated territories, ensuring unimpeded access of the population to any humanitarian aid.

▪️ More than 9,500 temporary accommodation centeres continue to function normally in almost all regions of the Russian Federation. Strictly individual work is organized with each person arriving in Russia.

The accumulation of humanitarian aid at points continues, more than 17 thousand tons have already been accumulated.

▪️ 1,935 tons of humanitarian cargo have already been delivered to Ukraine, 237 humanitarian actions have been carried out, including 22 actions in Kiev, Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Chernigov region, as well as in Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics, during which 264 tons of basic necessities, medicines and food were transferred to the civilian population of the liberated areas.

Today, 31 humanitarian actions are being held in Kiev and Chernigov regions, during which 240 tons of basic necessities, including food, are being transferred to the population.

Forces ukrainiennes

Operational information on 06.00, 12.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

The seventeenth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the russian military invasion began.

Ukraine’s defense forces are repelling and holding back the offensive of the russian armed forces in all directions.

The enemy, in the Polissya, Siversky, and Pivdennobuzhsky operational areas, has heavy losses in manpower and equipment, has been stopped and is trying to gain a foothold on the previously captured frontiers.

In the Donetsk direction, during the attempts to advance, the occupiers received a decent rebuff from the Ukrainian Defenders and were stopped in some directions, in the rest – the enemy significantly reduced the pace of advance.

Since the beginning of hostilities, thirty-one battalion-tactical groups of the enemy operating on the territory of Ukraine have lost their combat capability.

As a result of hostilities, most units of the Armed Forces of the russian federation that had direct fire contact with units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are demoralized, the moral and psychological condition of personnel continues to decline, there are cases of capture by individual groups. During the last three days, small groups of enemy deserters have been moving towards the state border.

The enemy is experiencing a big problem with manning the reserve.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, in coordinated cooperation with other components of the security and defense sector of the state and the forces of national resistance, are restraining the massive offensive of the occupying forces.

We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Let’s win together! Glory to Ukraine!

Operational information on 18.00, 12.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

The seventeenth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion continues.

Due to an unsuccessful attempt to conduct an offensive, the occupiers were forced to change tactics. Due to significant logistical problems and stretched communications, the enemy is unable to provide its units with fuel and oil, food and ammunition, which encourages the occupiers to resort to looting of locals, shops, pharmacies and more. In addition, the actions of the occupiers are accompanied by numerous cases of serious crimes against civilians.

Abandoned occupation units are demoralized and have an extremely low moral and psychological condition.

The number of cases of attempts to return to the territory of the russian federation on their own has increased.

Given the heavy combat losses of personnel and problems with the recruitment of reserve units, the command of the armed forces of the russian federation involves in combat operations in Ukraine so-called “conscripts” from the territory of separate districts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts (ORDLO) and mercenaries from Abkhazia, South Ossetia and prisoners from correctional facilities of the russian federation.

In almost all areas of advance, the occupiers are trying to gain a foothold in the previously captured borders, but have not had much success.

The enemy continues to launch missile and bomb attacks on critical infrastructure, residential neighborhoods and airfields, cynically disregarding the rules of international humanitarian law.

In the Volyn direction, there is a threat of sabotage at military facilities and civilian infrastructure.

The group of defense forces continues to conduct a defense operation in the southern, eastern and northern directions, covering the state border of Ukraine and the sea coast. A stabilization operation is being carried out in some areas and territorial defense tasks are being carried out.

We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Let’s win together! Glory to Ukraine!

Operational information on 24.00, 12.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

The seventeenth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the russian military invasion continues.

The enemy continues its offensive against Ukraine.

The enemy carries out measures to restore combat capability and regroup troops, as well as prepares for the continuation of the offensive in the Polissya, Siversky, Slobozhansky, Donetsk, Tavriya and South Bug areas.

Throughout the fighting on the territory of Ukraine, the enemy met with fierce resistance. It did not achieve the goal of the operation in any of the areas. The nature of the actions indicates the uncertainty of the military leadership of the russian federation in matters of strategic objectives and the ultimate goal of the so-called “special military operation”.

The occupying forces inflicted heavy losses, slowed down the pace of the offensive, and stopped in the vast majority of directions. Military and civilian infrastructure continues to be destroyed. In order to compensate for the losses, the occupiers organized the training of additional forces and means for conducting hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.

The enemy did not carry out offensive operations in the Volyn direction. The military leadership of the Republic of Belarus has strengthened the protection of the border with Ukraine. There is a high probability of direct participation of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus in the military operation against Ukraine. There is an air reconnaissance of objects on the territory of Ukraine with the help of UAVs, probably from the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

No active offensive actions of the enemy were recorded in the Polissya direction. Measures are being taken to restore combat capability and regroup troops. The enemy is trying to reconnoitre and clarify the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and possible ways of attack. The occupiers continue to tax the logistics system by creating repair bases on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

In the northern direction, the enemy focused on improving the operational construction of troops and the logistics system of the group.

In the Slobozhansky direction, the enemy carried out offensive operations in the area of settlement Izyum, further trying to move in the direction of settlement Slavyansk. After the losses received in the area of the city of Kharkiv, he withdrew to the territory of the rssian federation (Belgorod region) one of the BTGs of the 6th All-Military Army to restore combat capability. At the same time, it strengthened the groupings in this direction due to the introduction of units from the Northern Fleet.

In the Donetsk and Tavriya directions, the enemy carried out assault operations and fire raids. It does not abandon attempts to storm the city of Mariupol. The Russian occupiers are trying to prepare reserves and go on the offensive in Severodonetsk, Ugledar and Zaporizhya. The enemy has had little success in the Volnovakha direction – it has captured the eastern outskirts and is trying to move on.

At the same time, the enemy does not refuse to attempt an offensive on Kryvyi Rih. It did not succeed. It looks for weaknesses in the defence of Ukrainian defenders. In order to increase efforts, puts into operation reserves from the Airborne Forces. In some areas it is trying to keep the previously occupied borders.

We believe in our Armed Forces! We keep the system! Let’s win together! Glory to Ukraine!