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Editeur britannique, Fonthill Media propose notamment une large gamme d’ouvrages ayant trait à l’histoire militaire dont les conflits modernes et contemporains, tant leurs dimensions terrestres que maritimes et aériennes.

Livres parus


  • Stephen TYAS, RSHA Reich Security Main Office: Organisation, Activities, Personnel [Fonthill, 2022]
  • Daniel KNOWLES, King George V-Class Battleships [Fonthill, 2022]


  • Alessandro COVA, Rodolfo Graziani: Story of an Italian General [Fonthill, 2021]
  • Ron MACKAY, RAF Bomber Command: Strike Hard, Strike Sure 1936-1945 [Fonthill, 2021]
  • Andrea METZMACHER, Gotha Aircraft 1913-1954: From the London Bomber to the Flying Wing Jet Fighter [Fonthill, 2021]
  • Craig MOORE, How to Kill a Tiger Tank, Unpublished Scientific Reports from the Second World War [Fonthill, 2021]
  • Leslie WEEHLER, 1939-1945: As I Remember; The Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry at War [Fonthill, 2021]